Gtechniq & Rupes Training & Accreditation Event

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming training, certification, and accreditation event we will be holding in Louisville, Colorado at the Rupes BigFoot Car Detailing Academy.

This will be an amazing opportunity to learn advanced polishing techniques from one of the world's leading detailing trainers, Jason Rose, Global Director of Training at Rupes USA.

Join the Gtechniq executive team and our national training team at this special event!

Gtechniq will be offering training on the use of our products, and proper preparation & coating procedures using our advanced line of coatings.

You will also have an opportunity to join the Gtechniq family in two ways:

Training as a Smart Surface Specialist - expand your knowledge and experience in Gtechniq coatings and begin your journey towards Gtechniq Accreditation.

Cost - $750

Rupes typically charges $850-1000 for their portion of the training, so this is a great opportunity to get advanced training from both companies at an amazing price!

Becoming part of the Accredited Network - join a network of professional detailing business owners and installers nationwide

Cost - $1500

This is our normal accreditation fee, so this is an opportunity to receive additional training worth $850 at no cost. 

Tentative Schedule:

Thursday June 20, 2019

BigFoot Polishing System, Advanced sanding and polishing techniques, polishing and paint correction theory, tips, tricks and information on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in polishing, hands on use of tools and techniques.

Friday June 21, 2019

Gtechniq product uses across our full line, including our coatings, proper preparation for coating installation, hands on installation of coatings.

For more information, please email

Registration and Application:

To register for the event as a Smart Surface Specialist, please use the following link: 

Smart Surface Specialist Registration

To apply for accreditation and to begin the registration process as an accredited installer for this event, please use the following link:

Apply for Accreditation

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you at the event!




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