Accredited Network Subscription Program

Welcome Accredited Installers!

Below you will find the sign up form to kick off your Accredited Network Subscription Program.

Please read the following, select the "Agree and Sign Up" button, and complete payment.

NOTE - this is a different system than the main website, you will NOT use your login from the other system, please complete registration in its entirety.

Terms and Important Information

By completing the sign up and payment process, you agree to the following:

  • The monthly subscription program is $90, and will be billed automatically each month to the credit or debit card provided on sign up*.
    • Note - There are no manual billing, invoicing, ACH, or other payment methods available. A recurring credit or debit card payment is required, without exception.
  • Your first payment is for the month following when the payment is made (ie: paid on 7/18/18, you are paying for August 2018.)
  • You will receive a notification approximately 3 days prior to the billing date.
  • Billing will continue automatically for as long as you are part of the Accredited Network. If you no longer wish to be billed and no longer wish to be a part of the Accredited Network, please contact us at: at least 30 days prior to your billing date.
  • If a payment fails, the system will attempt it again up to 3 times, and you will receive an email advising you to update your payment information.
    • If the 3rd payment fails, your subscription will cancel, and your Gtechniq account will be suspended until such time as it is corrected and restarted.
    • In order to bring the account current, you are responsible for the months that were missed while payment issues are resolved (ie: you may be required to pay for more than one month to bring it current.)
  • Unresolved failed payments may result in the loss of all Accredited Network benefits and loss of territory.
    • Special mailings or gifts - if your account is not current at the time of a special mailing (such as banners, programs, etc), you will not receive them.
  • Monthly billing with occur every month, and will not be skipped or waived. If your monthly purchases exceed $750, you will be eligible for a purchase discount for the value of the marketing program fee ($90) for the following month. You may also elect to receive a 30ml bottle of Crystal Serum Ultra in lieu of the discount.
    • Submit a copy of your receipt (s) for the preceding month by the last business day of the month to: 
      • For example, you purchased $770 in August. Submit receipts to the email address by August 31. Your credit or product shipment will apply for September's billing.
      • Advise in the email if you would prefer a credit or the product, and the address to ship to.
    • Credits will be given via discount code for $90 for on for the purchase of future products.
    • A 30ml bottle of CSU may be ordered at no cost in lieu of the discount from one of our websites.
    • No refunds or financial compensation will be given.
    • Purchases from authorized distributors may be submitted to Gtechniq for review. A summary and itemized accounting of Gtechniq products must be provided for consideration of your request. All credits must be used directly with Gtechniq and will not transfer to our distributors.
    • A maximum of ONE month's back invoices will be accepted for credit if you miss sending them in each month.

*Note - Card information is not stored by Gtechniq, that information is securely stored within the payment processors highly-secure system.

Information Video:

We've put together this short video to explain our goals for the Accredited Network Subscription Program.


Our goals for the Accredited Network Subscription Program are to:

  1. Create greater brand awareness for Gtechniq and its accredited installer network so that customers not only come to your shop asking for coatings, but they ask for Gtechniq by name.
  2. Create high-quality marketing collateral in the form of print and video content that can be used and/or customized for each shop's use.
  3. Drive consumer sales demand which will allow consumers to grow in their knowledge, understanding, and appreciating for Gtechniq, coatings, and specifically, professionally-installed coatings that will maximize the benefits. This additional demand will drive consumers to our Accredited Network for the best products and services related to the appearance of their vehicle. Not only will this bring coating jobs, but an opportunity for additional detailing service revenue across the board.
  4. Drive HIGHLY QUALIFIED leads directly to your shop for booking. Rather than relying on generic customer contact info that is widely distributed, we have created a process to deliver potential customers with the highest likelihood of booking services with you.
  5. Our ultimate goal is to work cooperatively along side of each shop's marketing effort and provide support to gain more bookings.

Thank you for being part of the Gtechniq family and continuing to make it the great! 


It is within your rights to opt-out of this process and choose not to participate either by notifying Gtechniq, or simply by not completing the sign up process as required.

By doing so, you are electing to no longer remain part of the Accredited Network. All benefits of the Accredited Network will cease either upon notification of your opt-out or at the end of the month for which your previous automated billing has already occurred. This will include but not limited to your account discount for any products as well as your access to Crystal Serum Ultra or any other accredited-only products in the future.



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